Meet Your Broker

Born and Raised in Florida Ralph was born in 1978 in Miami, FL to Ralph Perrone Sr and Cindy Perrone, who were 20 years old at the time. His father taught and trained Ralph through his everyday work ethics as a great businessman growing his landscaping empire into one of the largest in Miami. He later sold it in 1985 and went into real estate, becoming a property owner and landlord. This is where, at the age of 7, Ralph had the chance of learning every day on the job, from the ground up, as his family bought foreclosures and bank assets and renovated them into rental properties. “I had the chance to learn from a very young age what hard work, sacrifice and dedication meant, watching my father all those years work from 6am - 6pm and sometimes longer, 6 and sometimes even 7 days a week. And my mother always made sure we had lots of love and support and that we never went without something to do. This crazy work ethic my father possessed wasn’t beat into me, but it sure was instilled in me as part of our DNA and it taught me that anything is possible with hard work.” Young and Determined!

Ralph got his entrepreneurial start selling candy at the age of 9. His ambition grew so much that he started his first company at age 13, proving to his parents his passion for business. He made fly fishing lures and sold them around town to local bait and tackle stores, so he can reinvest into more fishing equipment. This was a great business venture until Hurricane Andrew hit in ’92, destroying much of South Florida. At age 15, Ralph took the money he saved and bought a commercial carpet cleaning machine and went to work with his grandfather extracting water and cleaning up dwellings from the storm. After the storm cleanup was completed, he had a lot of customers calling him back for additional work which led Ralph to building a small company that kept him quite busy. During this time, he was also very active playing football, golf, baseball, bowling and track in High School while placing 2nd in National Business Leaders of America. Ralph graduated from Southwest Miami High School in 1996 and went on to study at the University of Central Florida to be closer to his parents and family. He graduated with a degree in Business Admin, Marketing and Finance. While attending college, Ralph remembers a pivotal point where he sat the bench on the football team in 1997; he realized he didn’t have a future making money in sports and it was time to go all in with business!

A Leader in Real Estate in 1998, Ralph was employed by Apartment Hunters, where he was to listen to the family’s needs and show them properties accordingly. His job duties were to help locate the perfect, affordable, quality residence that a person was looking for and help them make the transition. He successfully placed more than 300 families while maintaining good relations with apartment communities’ property managers and their staff. At this time, Ralph started flipping 1-2 houses per year with a co-worker, Russell Brown, from Apartment Hunters, using the skills he learned while working alongside his father. In 2002, Ralph became a full time Realtor with Watson Realty Corp where he moved up the ranks and soon moved his license in 2003 with Orlando Realty Professional Group, where he continued to grow rapidly. In 2003, Ralph became a mortgage officer as well, so he could better assist his clients with their financial needs. “I’ve always believed in higher education and through knowledge, we can provide more value for our clients..” In early 2005, after working with a few of the top agencies throughout Central Florida, Ralph opened his first real estate office, Perrone Realty LLC, which he has been operating for nearly 13+ years now. During that time, he has been featured on hit shows like “House Hunters” and “My House is Worth What?” on HGTV.

Ralph has also authored two books on short sales, been featured in multiple magazines, including “Florida Realtor”, for creating a Strong Business Model for others to follow. His firm has sold over 500M in real estate, placed over 2000 families into homes, and managed over 500,000 sq ft of both residential & commercial real estate, right here in Brevard County.

The Perrone Family is also very vested in the community with another 200,000 sq ft of commercial space and over 150+ tenants that they lease to and work with on a daily basis. They are local leaders in the real estate community and are commonly called upon for questions regarding the market, from local news stations and other media for their knowledge. Making Family and Business Work Ralph is married to Yvonne with 3 children: Jazmine 17, Madison 13, and Victoria 10.

They all believe in the family business and they understand the hard work that’s gone into building these businesses as they support one another on this journey. Ralph explains, “It’s not like things were handed over and anyone won the lottery. It’s just hard work and dedication. I’m extremely lucky to have a family that lets me work as hard as I do, and I know that without them, none of this would be possible.